January 08, 2021

What does the future of urban and suburban neighbourhoods in a post-pandemic world?

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As the COVID-19 pandemic spills into 2021, its impact on the way we live has been enormous. Whether it’s from changing our daily routines, adjusting to remote working and home-based learning, or limiting our social interactions within our communities, we’ve seen and experienced the long-term effects of our new reality.


So how do those long-term changes influence and direct our notions of resilient design in a post-pandemic world? For starters, everything we think we know about how to design urban and suburban neighbourhoods.


During the March 2020 lockdown in Venuto, the government subjected many Venetians to an ordinance that restricted travelling more than 200 metres from their homes. Imagine the challenge of not having any access to daily needs, such as groceries, pharmacies, open spaces or playgrounds, that did not reside within two football fields from your home?


In this document, I have included several considerations and opportunities from recent discourses on ways to make our residential townships and neighbourhoods more resilient in a post-pandemic world.


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