July 02, 2020

10 Questions for Jennifer Blankenship

10 Years at Nadi Design

To celebrate Nadi Design’s 10-year anniversary, we’ve asked the current staff 10 questions that reflect on their time here and how they see the firm evolving over the next decade. Here are their thoughts (answers have been edited for clarity):


1) How has Nadi Design evolved since you first started working as part of the team?

I have only been with Nadi Design since the beginning of this year, but I have felt welcomed as part of the team from the very start. With all of us working remotely, I feel like the team is doing a fantastic job of staying connected and productive while dealing with a difficult time in our history.

2) What is the most innovative and exciting Nadi Design project that you've worked on?

Tienken Traillofts, or 460 Tienken, was an exciting project, which consisted of contemporary condo/loft development on a parcel located in an overlay district. The underlying zoning was office business with a flex business overlay, which allowed for residential development.

3) Nadi Design's mission is to design for a better world. What is the most memorable and impactful way you have put that mission into practice?

We were tasked with redesigning Admirals' Cove (a 50-year-old MH community) to accommodate modern manufactured homes while retaining as much as possible of the viable existing infrastructure. New homes, repaved streets, new signage, fresh landscaping and a new-and-improved community clubhouse area are planned to provide a better quality of life for all of its residents.


Admirals Cove

                                                                                             Admirals' Cove Phase One Site Plan 

4) What makes Nadi Design stand out from its competitors?

Innovation, expertise and experience—with particular attention to the client's experience with the company. We're very personable, and our mission to design for a better world permeates through all that we do here.

5) What do you hope to see Nadi Design achieve in the next 10 years?

I'm sure we'll be seeing continued growth and success across the board, along with a growing presence in the U.S. and Mexico. The future looks bright!

6) What is the most rewarding part of being a member of the Nadi Design team?

There's this fantastic sense of camaraderie—each member of the team is there to support other components of the group.

7) Our cultural landscape has shifted over the past ten years, and that in turn has transformed the landscape of urban planning and architecture. What principles or values have come to the forefront of landscape design over the past decade?

There's going to be a major emphasis on environmentally sensitive design, sustainability and ecosystem services. I think energy conservation will continue to have an essential role as well.

8) What kind of design trends or new approaches to landscape architecture do you predict will become increasingly popular over the next ten years?

Ecological landscape design—not only will it promote the health of the environment, but it will support the health of the community and its residents.

9) Are there any kinds of creative, out-of-the-box projects you hope to get the chance to work on in the coming years?

I really hope I'll get the opportunity to get involved in a project with a live wall or green roof— to contribute to a project like that would be so exciting.

10) What are some ways that you've seen landscape architecture and design create lasting, positive change within a community?

Our local downtown has built many townhome-style condos and loft-style residential developments—some of which include a commercial or business component on the main floor. This also coincided with a revamp of the pedestrian spaces along Main Street, including new walks, seating areas and landscape.


These improvements have made our downtown a more desirable place to live, with many conveniences within walking distance. The increase in people residing downtown has helped increase the number of businesses and services in the area that find success and thrive.