July 02, 2020

10 Questions for Donald C. Westphal

10 Years at Nadi Design

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To celebrate Nadi Design’s 10-year anniversary, we’ve asked the current staff 10 questions that reflect on their time here and how they see the firm evolving over the next decade. Here are their thoughts (answers have been edited for clarity):


1) What drew you to Nadi Design?

I felt the merger between my company, Donald C. Westphal & Associates (DCWA) with Nadi Design would be a great fit. Our modes of operation and firm integrity were similar, assuring the continuation of the DCWA legacy.

2) What is the most innovative and exciting project or development that you've worked on?

Almost all of the projects we have done over the last 50 years have been exciting. However, finding and designing a new community for 175 families in Milford, Conn., who were about to be displaced, created exciting challenges and rewarding results.


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Ryder Woods

3) Nadi Design's mission is to design for a better world. What is the most memorable and impactful way you have put that mission into practice?

Our goal as a company has always been to create the best living environment possible. While, at the same time, respecting the unique features of the site.

4) What makes Nadi Design stand out from its competitors?

Our understanding of the unique requirements for specific housing types and years of experience has allowed us to prepare plans that not only fit the site but also provide an economical solution for our clients.

5) What do you hope to see Nadi Design achieve in the next 10 years?

It is my hope that the legacy of DCWA, built over 50 years, will endure in the future growth.

6) What is the most rewarding part of being a part of the Nadi Design team?

Passing the baton to a new entity with the assurance that the DCWA tradition of service to clients and respect for the environment will continue.

7) Our cultural landscape has shifted over the past ten years, and that in turn has transformed the landscape of urban planning and architecture practice. What principles or values have come to the forefront of landscape architecture, urban design or urban planning over the past decade?

Increased sensitivity to the environment as well as the need for projects to be economically feasible are values that have always been at the forefront of landscape architectural practice goals.

8) What kind of design trends or new approaches to landscape architecture do you predict will become increasingly popular over the next ten years?

Intensified respect for the environment by consumers and government will help shape the profession moving forward.

9) Are there any kinds of creative, out-of-the-box projects you hope you'll get the chance to work on in the coming years?

As the economy fluctuates and new obstacles to growth occur, new housing types will arrive on the scene and recognizing and reacting to these trends will be exciting.

10) What are some ways that you've seen landscape architecture, urban design or urban planning create lasting, positive change within a community?

In my opinion, some of the technological changes in the design and drafting process have diminished the creativity of professionals. Group interface by design team members can lessen that impact and lead to more creative solutions to design projects.