July 02, 2020

10 Questions for Diana Garcia

10 Years at Nadi Design

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To celebrate Nadi Design’s 10-year anniversary, we’ve asked the current staff 10 questions that reflect on their time here and how they see the firm evolving over the next decade. Here are their thoughts (answers have been edited for clarity):

How has Nadi Design evolved since you first started working as part of the team?

I have been with Nadi Design for over a year now, and I’ve seen their human talent grow stronger, which will help the company solidify future relationships with clients and collaborators.

2) What is the most innovative and exciting Nadi Design project that you’ve worked on?

Although it remained as a proposal, I truly enjoyed the prospect of helping a client in Mexico develop a comprehensive master plan that would host the most innovative technologies for transportation, design and energy. It was without a doubt a fantastic opportunity to brainstorm ways to bring sustainable solutions into Latin America.

3) Nadi Design’s mission is to design for a better world. What is the most memorable and impactful way you have put that mission into practice?

As a planner, I have been  constantly researching on how to implement new, sustainable practices into our work. We translate all these ideas into articles and blogs that illustrate the innovative ways we can make our world better through our profession, while following the sustainability policies of the places we work with.

4) What makes Nadi Design stand out from its competitors?

I think being a boutique design firm makes Nadi Design a great fit for most of our clients, because we can personally tailor the work for each individual client in whatever way they need. The communication and relationship with the client is direct, and therefore, more effective.

5) What do you hope to see Nadi Design achieve in the next 10 years?

I truly hope that Nadi Design continues to further develop our good reputation in the Landscape Architecture and Urban Design and Planning field throughout North America. I’m also looking forward to helping the firm establish a solid practice of bringing sustainable solutions into Latin America.

6) What is the most rewarding part of being a member of the Nadi Design team?

I think that Nadi Design is a company where professional and personal support is highly valued, and the growth of the company is shared and recognized among our peers.

7) Our cultural landscape has shifted over the past ten years, and that in turn has transformed the landscape of urban planning and architecture. What principles or values have come to the forefront of landscape architecture, urban design or urban planning over the past decade?

The rapid increase in climate change has been one of the most significant elements of transformation of the natural and built environments over the past decades. This has pushed our practice to switch focus on developing sustainable strategies to restore the damages of uncontrolled urban sprawl, but most importantly, to foresee the effects of man-made interventions. Together with more environmentally friendly policies and social consciousness, the future of our cultural landscape can be more comprehensive and beneficial for both nature and mankind.

8) What kind of design trends or new approaches to landscape architecture do you predict will become increasingly popular over the next ten years?

I believe after our situation with COVID-19, public spaces and urban design trends will have to adapt to promote social distancing and prevent further spread of the virus. Landscape architecture elements will play an important role in helping to create amazing places where we can interact more with nature and reduce human contact.

9) Are there any kinds of creative, out-of-the-box projects you hope to get the chance to work on in the coming years?

I hope Nadi Design can get more involved in urban design and planning projects where sustainability is the lead element in creating innovative communities that will remain resilient for centuries to come.

10) What are some ways that you have seen landscape architecture, urban design or urban planning create lasting, positive change within a community?

Positive changes in a community through urban planning are related to the policies that can be implemented in the creation of such place. In most cases, successful implementation brings long-lasting benefits in terms of safety, services and recreation within the community.