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Uchenna Nnadi

Uchenna Nnadi
Uchenna moved 10,487 kilometres to start a new life in Canada, she had her first son in the middle of her college semester, and she redirected her career from a medical lab technologist to the Director of Business Development and Client Relations at Nadi Design. After hearing all this, one could come to the conclusion that she is a person who often takes risks. Which is true. However, everything Uchenna does is also endowed by thoughtful, logical and creative determination. This is what makes her such an effective and pragmatic client liaison. She aims to connect real-time concerns with efficient solutions, ensuring impeccable service and client satisfaction. To prepare for this role, Uchenna is acquiring her degree in business administration and taking inspiration from Michelle Obama and the man behind the name: Emeka Nnadi. We're excited to have her on board!

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July 06, 2020

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Uchenna Nnadi

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