September 03, 2020

10 questions with Joshua Heron

10 Years at Nadi Design

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To celebrate Nadi Design’s 10-year anniversary, we’ve asked the current staff 10 questions that reflect on their time here and how they see the firm evolving over the next decade. Here are their thoughts (answers have been edited for clarity):


1) How has Nadi Design evolved since you first started working as part of the team?

When I first started in 2017, Nadi Design was a small Prairie firm that had projects within Manitoba and Saskatchewan, as well as a few within the United States. We have grown immensely since then, transforming from a very localized firm into an international one with unlimited growth and potential.

2) What is the most innovative and exciting Nadi Design project you’ve seen the team work on?

I think the most innovative project to date is the DreamScape One. I found the very idea of this project to be mind-blowing, and it was fun to watch Malvin and Emeka work on it from the sidelines.

3) Nadi Design’s mission is to design for a better world. What is the most memorable and impactful way you have seen the firm put that mission into practice?

I started with Nadi Design many years after the Bridgwater project began. However, I have had the opportunity to see the culmination of the work that has gone into this project. Not to mention, I have spent time exploring the area on my own. I'm blown away that I work for the firm that designed this neighbourhood.

4) What makes Nadi Design stand out from its competitors?

I believe we stand out because of the sense of family and intimate company environment. We have people that work well together and truly become part of the team atmosphere at Nadi Design. No project is too small or too big for us to handle.

5) What do you hope to see Nadi Design achieve in the next ten years?

I hope Nadi Design continues to grow into an international firm. With the Donald C. Westphal acquisition and the Nadi Group – AxisIMA alliance, we have started to make those dreams a reality with tangible advances.

6) What is the most rewarding part of being a member of the Nadi Design team?

This team is a family and we all collectively work well together. We know when to have fun and we know when to settle down and get things done.

7) What is your favourite Nadi Design project?

My favourite Nadi Design project is probably the Bridgwater Neighbourhood for the reasons I stated earlier. It’s such an innovative project for Winnipeg as it focuses on the characteristics of a complete community i.e. walkability, inclusivity, accessibility, resiliency and sustainability.

8) What kind of design trends or new approaches to landscape architecture do you predict will become increasingly popular over the next ten years?

I hope we prioritize public spaces moving forward and walkability within our city networks.

9) Are there any kinds of creative, out-of-the-box projects you hope the Nadi Design team will get the chance to work on in the coming years?

I hope we can work on land development and tourism projects in Latin America—because I need somewhere to vacation once the pandemic ends.

10) What are some ways that you’ve seen landscape architecture, urban design or urban planning create lasting, positive change within a community?

I see the integration of technology within public space to be an exciting and positive development because it encourages people to use parks, trails and other public areas more often.